Mobile Gaming: Call of Duty

Call of duty has released its 14th season of call of duty mobile game but has gone against the norm and named it season 1.

This is an attempt to refresh the seasons with the brand-new season one for 2021.

The new season is filled with brand new character skins, with a brand new action packed Battle royale mode, a new map and new weapons.

Call of Duty

Call of duty mobile has brought life to the mobile gaming world with the amazing graphics and gameplay not seen previously with mobile games.

The new operator skill introduced which includes Gravity vortex gun unlocked at tier 14 is exciting for blasting your enemy into weightlessness.

FR 556

Also introduced are new guns, which include the FR 556 unlocked at tier 21 that packs a punch.


The SKS is another weapon introduced that is a marksman rifle has fast-firing long-range capabilities.

A new map has been introduced known as Requiem, which is a dilapidated shopping complex for great multiplayer action.

New game modes include blitz, which is a battle royale game with 40 players in a fast-timed match of 10 minutes. However, more items are filled to allow players to move quickly as time runs out.

A new 3v3 gunfight and a 20 player Attack of the undead has been added. A new battle royale class desperado has been added, which includes an armored shield turret that can be placed down.

This exciting class allows you to rain bullets on your enemies in battle royale. New premium battle pass includes skins from or inspired by cyberpunk including FTL, Prophet, David Mason and Spectre.

Also blueprints for the Cordite, Locus, the FR.556, the HBRa3 and the HG-40. This is a fun-packed and adrenaline-pumping new season one from COD mobile.

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