Thierry Henry breaks silence after quitting Twitter

After deleting his social media accounts, THIERRY Henry told Good Morning Britain, “I will be back on Twitter when it is secure.”

On Friday, the 43-year-old revealed his intention to leave social media, requesting that online platforms take responsibility for enabling hateful behaviour.

The former Arsenal player said that Twitter should be a better place to be, and that what people go through on the platform is similar to mental torment, as they fear scrolling through their comments and feed.

Thierry pointed out to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid on Good Morning Britain that although sharing a video of a target is prohibited due to copyright concerns, racism and violence are permitted.

Thierry spoke to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid
Thierry spoke to Ben Shephard and Susanna Reid

He said:

“It’s not a safe place at the minute. I talk about bullying, harassment, people commit suicide over it.

“It’s difficult to eradicate everything but can it be safer? It’s a great tool but people are using it as a weapon.”

The French international wants to see anonymous accounts banned, age limits imposed, and ID needed to create an account in order to ensure transparency for what people say.

“Why can’t it be a passport number or national insurance number to use it? He added.

“I know people will say ‘freedom of speech’ and ‘a word can be used in different ways’, but you go into a cinema you can’t shout anything you want, in an airport you can’t shout what you want, you cross a line.

“All I want is accountability, it can’t just be ‘delete an account’ because that can be opened again.

“I will be honest and I mentioned before it is a great tool, it’s vital, it’s important, but can it be safe? Can people not be scared to look at it? Bullying, harassment over the way you look, in any shape or form?

“I will be back on it “when it’s safer”

With Arsenal backing his decision, it will not be long before other clubs follow suit if social media outlets decide to do nothing.

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