Guardiola: City won’t sit back and defend in Dortmund

Given both clubs’ recent form, Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola knew his Champions League quarterfinal against Borussia Dortmund would be no walk in the park, so he was delighted to come out of Tuesday’s first leg with a 2-1 lead.

City took the lead through Kevin De Bruyne in the first half, but Marco Reus equalized in the 84th minute, before Phil Foden scored a last-minute winner to tip the game in their favor.

Manchester City lost their normal sharpness in the final third, but the Spaniard admitted that his team was under a lot of pressure due to their recent form and Dortmund’s struggles in the Bundesliga.

“When you win 26 games in 27 and they are not winning the Bundesliga, the pressure is on our shoulders,” he said.

“Everything is guaranteed for us. Everybody believed we would win.

“We had an incredible commitment and desire to go through.”

Dortmund’s title aspirations have vanished, and they now seem unlikely to finish in the top four, although City is aiming for a quadruple.

Guardiola stated that he would make some changes for the second leg, but added that they are not going to Germany to defend.

“I asked the players to win the game. We did it and now we go to Dortmund not to defend,” he added. “We’ll adjust our pressing, adjust our buildup and play 90 minutes to try and reach the semifinal.”

Guardiola praised Foden’s performance, saying the 20-year-old looked a real threat towards the end of the game.

“Phil was brilliant in his aggression in the last 30 minutes, he was our threat,” Guardiola said.

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“Second half, he played really well, and one against one arriving in the final third, he had two, three chances to score and finally did.”

On Saturday, City will face Leeds United in the Premier League.