New FIA President confident Hamilton will return in 2022
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For a driver who has frequented the F1 podium since 22, it can get tricky when you have to race against fresh and energetic upcoming seeds, especially when everyone is looking to see what you, the best in the world, can still do.

Lewis Hamilton faces a tough challenge next season when he fights alongside and against new teammate George Rusell, who is the same age Brit was when he won his first-ever F1 race. Like most champions, Hamilton is the least scared.

As per suggestions, new rules may negatively affect older racers’ capabilities as they must adapt, but the 37-year-old British racer is ready to fight, or rather race, it out with 24-year-old Rusell for his place on the podium and at Mercedes, just like he did with outgoing Finnish teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

According to Hamilton, he is “honestly not scared of that” {the age factor} and highly anticipates next season where competition might be stiffer and the “car performance could be closer together.”

Lewis Hamilton’s message to teammate Russel, other younger drivers and the Mercedes family amidst delayed F1 retirement
 Photograph: Tim Goode/PA

The current F1 standings leader plans to do even better by using his experience over the years to grab the few opportunities which younger racers might not grasp. Full of competitive spirit, he states “sometimes there’s an opportunity to overtake, but not so many” and he’s excited to do just that for another exhilarating season.

Even so, the 2020 champion doesn’t write off anyone, much less Rusell, whom he admits is a fast racer and will only get better. As a teammate and fellow competitor, Lewis hopes to learn as much from his younger fellow countryman as possible, while also contributing to the latter’s growth.

One may think it is only right for a driver like Hamilton to lead his team, yet the joint record holder for most world championships who is also the holder for the most wins doesn’t think so. He feels one has to deserve that honour, and vows to do all he can to merit leading the Mercedes family.

In an exciting and challenging sport, the first and only ever black F1 racer has confidence in his shape and trusts it will enable him to face any racer come 2022, even the fearless youngsters. So, he is not retiring any time soon, at least not before next season ends.

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