29-year old Lewis Hamilton charged with over speeding

With Formula One at a crossroads ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix, drivers, particularly the top two, must be mentally prepared before taking to the track in a race that could be pivotal in this season’s leader standings.But what if that preparation or peace is interrupted by a court case, over an offence committed two years earlier?

Maybe a number of people would think it is a conspiracy to get a certain driver off balance, or some could go as far as ‘rightfully’ thinking that the law applies to everyone, even legends like Hamilton.

That, though, would only happen if the Lewis Hamilton in question is the F1 Lewis Hamilton, which in this case, isn’t true.

This court case, scheduled to take place tomorrow, involves another Lewis, with the same first and second name as the 2020 F1 champion. The former resides in South Lane Gardens, Elland, and is accused of two speeding and two identification failure illegalities.

Hamilton, 29, allegedly used a Chrysler 300cc to exceed the acceptable limits by driving at 63mph instead of a temporary allowed 40mph and 36mph in a temporary allowed 30mph zone, both within two weeks of each other.

In addition, he, in a span of slightly over two weeks between December 4th and December 19th, 2019, didn’t rely on his identity information to police officers when it was needed. These four offences will see him face the law at Kirklees Magistrates’ court on Monday, October fourth.