Callum McGregor thinks Celtic current playstyle will bear positive fruits

Celtic’s recent performance isn’t even a shadow of what it was two or so years ago, and fans might have had enough as they, and probably everyone else thinks that their current playstyle, dubbed “Angeball”, is to blame.

For a side that has dominated their domestic league and performed satisfactorily during the initial rounds of the European campaigns for almost a decade, having a single win in the last five games is an unfamiliar occurrence, but that’s what they’ve had to deal with.

After a one all draw at home against Dundee in the Scottish premier League, the Celts were humbled by German side Bayer Leverkusen when they couldn’t get a single goal back against Leverkusen’s four in Thursday’s Europa League match.

Despite the continued poor performance that has irked fans recently, Celtic captain Callum McGregor says they aren’t about to change the ‘Angeball’ style of play as everything must go through practice and probably some failures before it’s perfected.

He feels the ideas brought by coach Ange are great, insisting that there’s no sense in abandoning something they have already started just because it initially doesn’t work like expected. “There’s no way getting a third of the way through the process and then just throwing it in the bin. That doesn’t make sense,” McGregor reportedly said.

He further claims that he understands everyone’s questions regarding their performance as Celtic do not give time or space for errors, but insists patience is key because building success isn’t a short term task.

“When teams are building for success, it takes a bit of time. Being at Celtic, you do not necessarily get the time, which is why everyone is asking us questions about it-and that’s understandable,” he stated. “…There’s no point in half committing…It takes time, “he further said.

McGregor says that the players, especially those who have stayed long at Celtic, understand what’s expected of them and will work towards it with patience until they achieve. According to him, there have been signs of a positive result, but that doesn’t matter if they don’t win. So, he anticipates additions to the squad as they are currently “thin.”