Everton ready to part with Allan for Ramsey
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Aaron Ramsey could be back in the English Premier League if Rafael Benitez’s bid satisfies Juventus and the Everton manager seems set on doing anything for the Wales midfielder. 

Apparently, Benitez is willing to let Brazilian midfielder Allan move to Juventus just to have Ramsey join the Toffees squad.

To an extent, he is the only one that has shown interest in the Welshman.

Ramsey came out great on Friday when he scored a goal in Wales’ 2-2 draw game against the Czech Republic, but the 30-year old hasn’t had a good run for his club recently, so it is unclear whether Benitez wants him for his experience, or if the Everton coach thinks that Ramsey has more to offer.

Calciomercato claims that Juventus coach Max Allegri has demanded to have Allan included in the deal to acquire Ramsey. Since Allan’s coordination with fellow midfielder Doucoure has aided Everton a whole lot this season, it is surprising that Benitez would forgo him for an “out of form” Ramsey.

Comparing Ramsey to Allan three years ago would have had the former take the upper hand, but their current worth is probably the opposite, placing such a deal under speculation.

Since nothing has been finalized and anything can happen before a player transfer, it remains to be seen what Rafael Benitez will decide, whether Ramsey will join or replace Allan at Goodison Park.

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