Neil Lennon, ex-Celtic boss, claims some players didn't want to play
Image Credit: Sky Sports

Everyone wants to be on top, to be the best. But that sometimes drains that fighting spirit out of you. Former Celtic manager Neil Lennon thinks that his side had that ‘disease’ last season when they lost their title to rivals Rangers.

Lennon claimed that winning nine Scottish League titles in a row, accompanied by other cups, might have been too much for some of his players, as they somehow just felt it was enough. Last season, Celtic couldn’t hold on to win a tenth consecutive Scottish League title as they dropped points after the “Corona break” to lose the title to Steven Gerrard’s side.

According to him, some of the players were “fit to play but didn’t”, which in turn ate into the side’s dressing room and affected other successful players who were still willing to play.

Neil insinuated that his side wasn’t the only one affected by the three-month break when Covid-19 was hitting hard.

Despite resigning, the former Manchester City midfielder revealed he didn’t want to leave Celtic, but had to for the club’s good. 

He added that anything below a win was unacceptable at Celtic, something clearly seen when fans lashed out after their club failing to win last year’s title, despite having won each of the nine years before that.

Lennon said he is considering working abroad, especially Israel when he goes back to management, as he has connections there and has worked with their players. 

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