Murray thinks inconsistency caused him to lose against Zverev

Andy Murray’s latest clash with World No.4 Zverev was not just entertaining, it was heated. Despite many thinking that he showed a praiseworthy display, the former World No.1 thinks he didn’t play well, or he would have defeated Zverev.

In the round of 32, Murray and the reigning Olympic champion almost had nothing to differentiate them in a game where each came back from a disadvantageous position to level things up. For someone returning from injury and difficult days, Murray’s performance against an in-form opponent could be termed almost spectacular.

But the 34-year old Briton thinks otherwise. After letting Zverev level things up almost every time he (Murray) had the advantage, the three-time grand slam winner lost 6-4, 7-6 (4) to bow out of the 2021 Indian Wells championship.

“I don’t think I played well today…There’s some good stuff in there, but it was mixed in with bad. There was no sort of consistency,” Murray stated, owing to the loss of his inconsistency throughout the match.

Murray lost the first set after allowing a 3-0 lead to slip to 5-3 down, thanks to a great game-ten serve from Zverev, and almost the same thing happened in the second set, where a 3-1 lead was overturned to a disadvantaged 6-5 in game 11.

In the tie break, Zverev got his first match point and beat Murray in two straight sets to book a place in the round of 16.

The 2012 US Open grand slam winner thinks consistency isn’t his only problem, revealing that his “decision making in the important moments is still not great.” He is however, happy that he got chances despite not playing a great game.

The experience could help him play better and win more games.”…I obviously want to be winning these matches. I haven’t in the past few months,” he admitted.