Hamilton’s father thinks the 2020 champion will keep racing

With a number of records to his name and at an age when most would think he should be retiring, 36-year-old Lewis Hamilton may be hesitant to do so because he still has two years of contract with Mercedes, and he may go even further.

In most sports, champions choose to retire while still on top of their game, while a few stay until their age or bodies cannot keep up anymore. Speaking about his son, Lewis’ dad revealed that his son might be on the tracks for some time.

“I’m not sure is the answer…I suspect he’ll keep going,” Anthony Hamilton disclosed, stating that Lewis enjoys racing, and if he (Lewis) follows his (Anthony’s) advice to keep going until he doesn’t enjoy it anymore, then the 7-time world champion isn’t retiring yet.

The defending champion’s father is clearly proud of his son’s achievements at this age, stating that Hamilton is a winner whatever happens this season. “Win or lose, it would have been a fantastic season….Being the elder in the series, whatever it is means we are winners,” he said.

Unless something changes, the record-holding 100-time grand prix winner will race for Mercedes alongside fellow Briton Russell for the next two seasons.Since Hamilton hasn’t said anything about retirement, perhaps his father is right, and he will keep racing after 2023.

The first and only ever black F1 driver is in great form despite going against youngsters, but his father supports his opinion that the 2020 champion hasn’t had enough of F1 with the latter’s accomplishments.