Mercedes’ top two result in Mexican prix qualification shocks Hamilton

Recently, Mercedes has had a hard time catching up to Max Verstappen and Red Bull in general, whether during qualification or actual races.

Prepping for the Mexican grand prix yesterday, perhaps no one expected Hamilton and Bottas to have as smooth a sail as they had. Hence, among those shocked by the 1-2 qualification finish that will see Mercedes race from the front today is the defending champion, Lewis Hamilton.

After a dominating show almost all weekend, Verstappen surprisingly finished third as Bottas stole pole position, with teammate and reigning champion Hamilton coming in second.

Speaking after, the 7-time world champion praised his partner for his performance and revealed that they (Mercedes) weren’t expecting that performance given how good Max has been. “Valtteri did an amazing job today. We are both…shocked to be on the front row because they (Red Bull) have been quicker than us all weekend,” said the Briton.

After trying without success to catch up to Red Bull, the 36-year old has no idea why it suddenly worked out in their favor but is thrilled by the outcome. “I don’t really have an answer…but I am grateful…” Hamilton beamed.

Lewis, who came second after a hard struggle, considered lessening the changes he makes to his car because according to him, they “…make it worse.”

With the reigning champion twelve points off the lead, this better-placed start will increase his chances of narrowing the gap and perhaps catching up to the leader. It will be even better if he comes first in today’s race while teammate Bottas comes second.