Red Bull gathering evidence for Hamilton protest

The F1 championship this season is as competitive as it can get both on and off-track, bringing about a constant rubbing of shoulders between the top two drivers and their teams.

The latest is a hearing concerning current standings leader, Max Verstappen, for a move in turn four of the Brazilian Grand Prix where he “pushed” second-placed Hamilton off the track and could have cost the latter a win.

At today’s hearing, Mercedes aims to have the Dutchman penalized, but Red Bull might not go down without a fight. Red Bull advisor Marko hinted at a possible “counter-attack” where they seek clarity on Hamilton’s potential breach of rules.

“…there will…be a protest when we have evidence that Hamilton’s car does not comply with the rules,” Marko stated, referring to a video that showed the defending champion lowering his car’s ride height while at high speed.

After the seven-time world champion extended his record grand prix wins to 101 with the Sao Paulo victory, Red Bull’s hopes for Max’s first title grew slimmer, and RBR thinks it will be impossible if Hamilton’s superior performance extends to the next two meets.

Talking to Sport1, Marko admitted that Hamilton’s speed was unprecedented and that they (Red Bull) couldn’t shake him off in Brazil. “I’ve never seen a Mercedes rocket motor like this before…we couldn’t keep him behind us on the straight.”

Perhaps Lewis’ recent beastly speed and the high possibility of him getting more wins are the reasons Red Bull considers a lawsuit that could penalize him (Lewis) as their last straw to hold on to for this season’s title.

With only fourteen points between the two top racers and three races to go, it could be a common sight for the rest of the season.