Expert issues ‘shock’ verdict on Ricardo Pereira comeback date

Despite a broken leg, Leicester City’s Ricardo Pereira might be out for as little as “six to eight weeks.”

According to Ben Dinnery, who operates the Premier Injuries website and has a background in medical and data analysis, this is the case.

In last Wednesday’s League Cup match at Anfield, Tyler Morton, 19, of Liverpool, avoided a red card for his rash challenge on Ricardo Pereira.

As reported by The Sun last Sunday (26 December), Brendan Rodgers stated that Pereira had a “fractured fibula” as a result of the challenge.

It was the right-first back’s game back following a 12-match layoff due to a hamstring injury.

But, as Dinnery says, Pereira’s injury isn’t as serious as the average person may think.

“We say broken leg and think it’s always long-term, but it shocks some people to know that’s not always true,” he told Football Insider‘s, Adam Williams.

“It’s a fractured fibula, so it’s non-weight-bearing. He isn’t exactly pain-free but on the scale of injuries, it isn’t too serious.

“There have been examples of players returning in four or five weeks. I would suggest in this instance that it is more likely to be six to eight weeks.

“If we were looking at an ACL then it’s a significant amount of time on the sidelines, so he’ll be grateful it isn’t that.

“I’m not aware of any plans for surgery, so we can assume that it is non-displaced and doesn’t need any fixation.”