Everton senior board members fume as Farhad Moshiri talks with Vitor Pereira in Monaco

According to the Daily Star, senior Everton officials are furious with Farhad Moshiri over his weekend meetings with Vitor Pereira.

Moshiri met with the contender for talks in Monaco, according to the newspaper’s print copy (25/01).

Given how disastrous the move to appoint Rafa Benitez was, board members at Goodison Park are thought to have strong opposition.

“Board and on the senior executive, especially given the disastrous appointment of Rafa Benitez,” the piece concluded.

Moshiri appeared to be going in headfirst and making the decision without engaging anyone.

This just goes to show that, while he may be a terrific businessman, his football brain is still lagging behind and causing serious problems at Goodison Park.

The owner is in desperate need of advice because some of his recent actions have been comical.

The fans are grateful to those senior board members who opted to stand up and be counted on this occasion, preventing a catastrophe.

Pereira may have won awards during his career, but he did so in nations like China, Greece, and Portugal, where it is expected.

Hopefully, Moshiri will listen to his board members more often, and they will assist him in making the best decision possible to move the Toffees ahead rather than backward.