Everton’s acquisition of Alli and Van de Beek criticized

While Everton fans are enthralled with the signing of midfield pair, Van de Beek and Dele Ali, critics are of a contrary opinion, seeing as both men are more suited for the same position and could clash if the new coach, Lampard, employs his usual player formation.

Unless the move was more on the side of caution in case either got injured, it doesn’t make sense for Everton to dig deep into their pockets for two talents with almost the same role, in addition to being unfair for both players.

Van de Beek has had limited game time at Manchester United, and it wouldn’t do him justice to potentially be sidelined at Everton too.

According to former Netherlands U-21 international, Kees Luijckx, it would cause an outrage if Everton didn’t inform Van de Beek that they would be signing Dele.

And as for Hedwiges Maduro, the 24-year-old Dutchman would most probably not want to join Everton if he knew they would bring competition along. “If you say to him “we will get Dele Ali”, then he might not want to come at all,” observed the 36-year old.

Though he takes a step back to defend the Toffees for getting his fellow countryman and Alli to further strengthen their midfield, Maduro thinks Everton isn’t the place for Van de Beek. “…he would have been better off going to Manchester City,” said the former Sevilla midfielder.