Sulayem hints at Hamilton retirement as Latifi reveals his (Lewis’) support

An exciting and brilliantly competitive F1 season came to an unexpected end when controversy marred its finale in Abu Dhabi last December, and almost every discussion regarding F1 has revolved around the incident since then.

By now, perhaps no one doesn’t know that Lewis Hamilton’s future in the sport will largely depend on the FIA’s decision regarding sports director Massi’s decision, which is said to have handed Verstappen his maiden title.

After a four-hour commission meeting at the F1A headquarters in London on Monday, which had representatives from every concerned side, the FIA president, Ben Sulayem, who chaired it, revealed that “it was a good discussion.”

In his statement that hinted at Hamilton’s stay in F1 and Michael Massi’s possible job shift, Sulayem assured us that every decision that’ll be made will be fair and better. “The integrity of the FIA will always be intact…we can only improve,” he stated.

Nicholas Latifi reveals he hired security after death threats, Hamilton sent support message

Elsewhere, Nicholas Latifi, whose 54th lap crash resulted in the current unrest in F1, revealed that the threats he received from Lewis’ fans after Abu Dhabi were so serious he had to hire bodyguards.

The 26-year old told Williams’ car launch that during his visit to Winter Wonderland in London shortly after the Abu Dhabi meeting, he hired security for protection. “It sounds silly…you have to take threats seriously because you don’t know what might happen.”

The Williams driver stated that though many fans (especially Hamilton’s) blamed him for the 7-time champion’s title loss, the 37-year old Brit was among the many fellow drivers who sent him supportive messages.

“…Lewis did send me a message…I won’t go into details,” he said.