FIA pressurized as Hamilton suggests publicizing the Abu Dhabi inquiry report

Two months after the F1 final and deciding race of the 2021 season was marred by controversy, leaving both fans and participants unresigned to the outcome, the FIA seems to have decided a way forward.

In addition to the then race director Masi’s firing, the FIA chief, Bin Sulayem, revealed more changes ahead of the coming season, among them the introduction of a Virtual Race Control Room and a re-evaluation of unlapping rules.

Seven-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton seemingly doesn’t think it’s enough to simply come up with the report though. The 37-year-old wants the report to be publicized so that every interested party can gain clarity.

According to him, he’s still in the dark about what it entails, despite being the most affected by the Abu Dhabi happenings. “I’ve not seen it…I’m excited to see the results…hopefully everyone will get to see it,” he revealed.

If not for anything else, the British believe that seeing a publicized outcome will help everyone understand past actions and leave the negativity behind. “…we can move forward in a positive light,” he said.

The Mercedes driver’s opinion will without a doubt pressurize the FIA, who seemingly hadn’t planned to reveal the full inquiry results to the public. But as the record F1 winner had earlier reasoned, keeping a “close eye on it” is key.