Laura Woods disgusted by major Everton controversy, Ally McCoist embarrassed

In the wake of Manchester City’s triumph against Everton on Saturday, the handball debate surrounding the match has been addressed by Laura Woods.

In their 1-0 triumph, Rodri obviously handled the ball in the penalty area, but he wasn’t granted a penalty.

It was branded “embarrassing” by Ally McCoist after Woods couldn’t help but think it was a big-club bias choice.

Woods sparked a conversation this morning (28 February) on talkSPORT, which left many in the studio perplexed.

“It doesn’t help the idea of big club bias’,” she said. “What are we seeing here? I’m not suggesting there is, but it’s difficult to defend it.”

In his response to the fact that it wasn’t delivered by the officials or even VAR, McCoist concurred and kept it simple.

When it comes to handballs, referees couldn’t have asked for a more straightforward decision to make.

Even though this wasn’t even close to the boundary, it was clearly visible before and after all of these rule modifications.

It didn’t matter that Rodri had his back to the referees because his arm was so broad that everyone could see it at Goodison Park.

However, no one can do anything now that the decision and, more significantly, the point, have vanished into thin air.

Something must be done about this; there was a great deal of debate surrounding it, and we need to hear from someone about it.