Pot meet kettle; Rosberg “exposes” Hamilton

Max Verstappen has been on the receiving end of bashing and criticism for his supposed uninhibited and reckless racing style, but someone thinks the world is being deliberately forgetful.

It’s no news that the championship held by Verstappen has been, and is still under doubt, and termed a “gift” by the former race director, Michael Masi.

In an unexpected twist, one of the few non-teammates who hasn’t bashed him is former world champion Nico Rosberg, who teamed up with Hamilton at Mercedes before retirement.

The German lined up alongside the joint record 7-time Briton for the Silver Arrows from 2013-2016, the two having their fair share of on and off-track spats.

Well, it could have been deeper than we thought, judging by Rosberg’s recent statements.

According to the 36-year old one-time champion, Verstappen’s aggressiveness throughout last season, which undoubtedly handed him his first championship, is something Lewis can do just as well, or better.

“Barging Lewis out in Imola, in a way that Lewis used to do to me,” Nico told Sky Sports in regards to the Dutch champion’s aggressive driving. “…here is an opponent doing to him what he usually does to others,” the 2016 champion observed.

Nico thinks his rivalry with Hamilton was turned a blind eye to because they were teammates, unlike the current situation with Max where the opposing teams have to support their own.

“…in my time, it was even more complicated because it’s within the same team…at least here…it’s the team against team and that does make it a little bit different,” Nico revealed.