Bruno Lage warns Wolves players ‘relax and you’re out’

Wolves have lost their last three matches after falling considerably below the standards they established during a strong first half of the campaign and an outstanding January.

“The message is that I will not relax,” stated Lage when asked what his message to the fans and his team was, following Crystal Palace’s defeat at the weekend. I’ll do my best every time.

“I will not allow anyone to relax. If they relax, they are out of the team because I want to continue to bring success for the club.

“These fans deserve everything from us. We are doing everything (right) until 40 points and now we change a little bit. If we don’t have the mentality to move on, they are out of the team. That’s my promise. I will continue to work hard in the same way.”

Numerous miscues by players contributed to Wolves’ performance, which featured multiple players who put forth an underwhelming showing.

Nevertheless, Lage was less worried about the blunders than with how quickly they surrendered to their opponents.

“Not individual mistakes, it is about duels,” Lage added.

“If you are losing the ball and the opponent comes with pressure, that is the first sign that something is not good. Look at the way we suffered the goal at West Ham. From a throw and one man behind in the middle of four, he crossed and it was very easy to score.

“Today look what happened in the first and second goal. These are the kind of things I will not accept.

“It’s not about individual mistakes, it’s about duels.”