Lampard seems to have big plans for homegrown Everton talent

Prior to Tom Davies’ return from injury, Everton manager Frank Lampard held discussions with the midfielder.

Lampard is reportedly keen to keep Davies in the club’s plans despite him being unavailable, according to the Daily Mail.

According to reports, Lampard and assistant coach Joe Edwards have been showing Davies a variety of video footage to help him learn how the Toffees will play under Lampard..

It’s hoped that Davies will be familiar with Lampard’s playing style and be able to fit right in when he returns to the pitch.

Whether or not it actually happens remains to be seen, but Lampard appears to have a long-term plan for Davies.

Davies, a 23-year-old midfielder, has played more than 150 games for Everton and is recognized as an active, all-action player.

In light of the fact that Davies has scored just seven goals for Everton, Lampard may be able to pull a little more out of the defender.

After making his debut for Everton in 2017, many expected Davies to explode into the scene. However, he has struggled since joining the club.

If Davies is somehow able to return to the Everton team this season, you can rest assured that he will do everything he can to help the team succeed.