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Amanda Staveley is hard-pressed at Newcastle-Duncan Castles

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Written by Brigit Adongo

After an ownership shift last year, Newcastle United haven’t performed as well as they wished, not just on the pitch but in the backroom as well. Handling a couple or more jobs, including the CEO post, has proved harder than minority shareholder Amanda Staveley could handle, putting her under pressure.

According to Transfer Window Podcast journalist, Duncan Castles, Amanda’s underperformance could jeopardize her position at Newcastle in the long run. “That contract should be cancelled at any point, it is not an indefinite agreement,” he stated.

Castles observes that the pressure Amanda Staveley is under might even worsen, given how unsatisfied the immediate former owner is with the 48-year old businesswoman’s work. “…there could be additional pressure…Mike Ashley is not happy with how the club is being run,” the journalist said.

The British executive was at the front row in fighting for Newcastle’s ownership change due to her amiable relations with the East, and she got a B.O.D position as reward, but her workload seems too hard to handle.

Castles thinks the pressure and unsatisfactory results aren’t enough to oust Amanda, though…at least not soon.

According to him, getting the wanted results doesn’t come overnight, so Ashley’s dissatisfaction with the current C.E.O won’t necessarily affect her position unless the majority owners think that she has had enough time to make change but failed to.

Her opportunity to showcase her real ability will only come when she really settles into her role, so it might be a while before her position is under threat, no matter how pressurized she is now.

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