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Andy Murray feels the ATP tour should address Zverev’s abuse allegations clearly

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September 25, 2019, Zhuhai, Guangdong, China: The three-time Grand Slam champion and a former world no. 1 Andy Murray attends the press conferene after winning the first round of Men's Single against Tennys Sandgren at the Huajin Securities Zhuhai Chaimpionships 2019 in Zhuhai city, south China's Guangdong province, 24 September 2019. (Credit Image: © Imaginechina via ZUMA Press)

2020 left a dark sport everywhere in one way or another courtesy of the still hitting hard Corona Virus disease, but that’s not all that tainted the year for tennis star Alexander Zverev. For almost a year, the allegations haven’t been handled, at least not well enough to dispel constant rumours.

Seemingly getting tired of the effect the unsolved case has on the alleged perpetrator and other people, mostly fellow tennis players, Andy Murray thinks the ATP tour should address the issue directly for everyone to know the truth.

The former World No.1 is clearly fed up with endless questions directed at him and fellow players regarding the current World No.4, Alexander’s case. Murray is sure that if the tour does nothing to bring light on what happened, questions will keep coming which will affect not just Zverev, but many others. “My feeling….the tour needs to be more proactive. I don’t think it has been great for the tour…for Zverev. And now here… three months later, I’m still getting asked about it, ” read parts of Murray’s statement regarding the ATP’s stand.

The German 24-year old who stunned the world by winning this year’s Olympics has maintained a top ten spot in the ATP standings for four consecutive years, but three-time grand slam winner, Murray is clearly worried that the case might affect the youngster’s future performance, especially if he (Alexander) gets poorly advised following constant broadcasts about ex-girlfriend Olga Sharypova’s abuse claims.

Sharypova, also a tennis player, alleged that her ex-boyfriend, Zverev, blamed her for his poor performances and losses… literally all his problems. “In that fight, he punched me in the face for the first time. In other fights, he was pushing me, shoving me, twisting my arms, choking me, “Olga disclosed.”

Although the Olympic champion hasn’t said much about his ex-girlfriend’s accusations other than terming them “simply not true”, questions still linger around each passing day and Murray feels they should be addressed, no matter how hard it is, for normalcy to return. “It’s difficult, but, certainly, it’s been going on too long…It needs to be resolved, clearly, “he stated.


Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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