Ange offers advice with a brilliantly sly dig at Scottish media

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It was clear from the moment Ange was revealed as Celtic’s new manager that the media narrative was shifting against him, and it picked up steam after his team lost three of their first six games under his management.

While the media demanded for results, Ange remained composed. In October, the media stated that the league title was gone, but Ange remained steadfast in his confidence.

When Postecoglou was under increasing pressure to produce results from the media and other pundits, he stayed true to his convictions.

Postecoglou stood firm in his beliefs despite the screams of the Scottish media that he was Absolutely Not Enough.

The Celtic manager was more than happy to share his managerial wisdom with Open Goal podcaster Si Ferry.

“Every day you’re gonna get challenged and everything you believe is about to change.

“I say that to every manager that starts their first job.

“From the first day you start, it’s gonna try and pull you away from what you believe in.

“Inevitably people will say to you that it’s about the result, it’s about the win and then you fall into this rabbit hole of chasing something that you’re never gonna grab to be honest.

“You’re only going to be successful if you believe in something and the closer you stay to that for the whole course, the more likely you’ll have success and the more likely you’ll have a career.”

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