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Bayern Munich star faces six months imprisonment sentence

Written by Kerry Mayodi

Bayern Munich left back Lucas Hernandez is set to spend 6 months in prison after violating a restraining order preventing him and his wife from being 500 metres or closer to each other, issued by a court in 2017.

The 25-year-old was sentenced to 31 days of community service for assaulting his girlfriend in 2017, while his wife got the same sentence for assault, damage to property and violence.

Although no one pressed charges, his wife, Amelia Ossa Llorente, had some minor injuries which needed medical attention.

A restraining order was given to the two, preventing them from being close to each other.

Hernandez was plying his trade in Spain back then, at Atletico Madrid before moving to Bayern.

The World Cup winner was then arrested in June 2019 for going against the restraining order after he travelled to Madrid with Amelia following their marriage and honeymoon.

Hernandez was given a suspended 6 months prison term for going against the restraining order and his appeal against the decision was denied as revealed by a court document released on Wednesday.

The France international must now avail himself in court on Tuesday in Madrid after which he has 10 days to enter prison freely. Hernandez will be allowed to choose which prison which he wishes to serve his sentence in.

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