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Ben Godfrey’s form affected by swollen heart due to Covid-19

Covid-19 came and hit everyone hard, especially in sports where competitors find themselves struggling due to the toll the disease takes on them physically.

For some, the symptoms leave almost as fast as they came in a few weeks, but for others, like Everton defender Ben Godfrey, it is more than just getting well after treatment.

The 23-year old English man is dealing with a swollen heart complication months after he was infected with the disease. As a result, the youngster, who was a sensation in Everton last season hasn’t played as many games this season, and his form is wanting.

His swollen heart should be under constant watch, and any small changes mean that he cannot train until there’s an improvement. This has left Godfrey out of Rafa Benitez’s squad on most occasions, and saw him (Godfrey) struggle the few times he was on the pitch.

While the medical team has done the best they could, their No.22 struggles and runs out of pace or strength after running, which has forced Benitez to only have him play six times this season.

Everton need their best squad to qualify for a European Championship next season, and Godfrey could be a great help, but his health is still not right and the Toffees might have to wait a while.

To feature in both his club’s and nation’s line-ups, the former Norwich City centre-back must rise from his current predicament and all hopes are on the medical team to find a quick solution to his heart troubles.


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Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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