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Buster Posey unsurprisingly shines in the postseason first game against Dodgers

Buster Posey unsurprisingly shines in the postseason first game against Dodgers
(Karl Mondon/Bay Area News Group)

The highly anticipated first-ever post-season game between rivals the Giants and Dodgers kicked off on Friday night and was a feast for the eyes and the heart. Fans were treated to an exhilarating show that saw a two-run opposite-field homer caught by a boater’s fishing net.

The San Francisco Giants defeated the Los Angeles Dodgers 4-0 in the first of three postseason games, thanks to a 3-0 homer from Buster Posey.

Unsurprisingly, Posey, 34, came in handy to help the Giants shine once more against the Dodgers, with the catcher nearly becoming the first right-handed Giants player to launch a splash hit.

Was his performance unexpected, though? Of course not. Posey has been swinging homers frequently this season, and everyone probably expected him to do that. Even though they knew he would do that, Posey was probably too good to be stopped.

Leaving a base open to venture into Posey’s strike zone, the Dodgers pitcher, Anthony Buehler, paid for it dearly as his opponent played a perfect piece to earn the fifth postseason homer of his career.

The 2016 gold glove award winner was determined to impress fans after opting out of the 2020 season. He wasn’t going to let off his opponents, no matter how much they knew him or what style they would play.

Buehler admitted that he knew what Posey would do, but still couldn’t counter it and accepted “it is what it is.”

The 3-time World Series winner admitted that he was definitely jittery, but the nerves helped him stay focused. “There are definitely butterflies, but those can be helpful…heighten focus,” Posey stated. He added that he “got a pitch I can handle” after admitting that Buehler is no easy opponent.

The Giants’ oldest player to get a postseason homer will be essential in their next two games against their oldest rivals as they look to take the win after a great start. 


Written by Brigit Adongo

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