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Callum Wilson provides an update on his injury

Callum Wilson provides an update on his injury
Written by Quincy Charles

Newcastle United forward Callum Wilson gave an update on his injuries while speaking on the Footballer’s Football Podcast.

Wilson, 29, was injured against Man Utd last month, and the injury appeared to be serious enough that he had to be stretchered off.

Callum Wilson says he doesn’t know how much longer he’ll be away, but judging on how his body is acting, he feels it’ll be a “middle of the road” injury in terms of gravity.

“It’s a strange one because I don’t actually know how long I’ll be out for myself. I have an appointment with a specialist on Friday basically just to go through everything and see what the scan says. We can go from there and distinguish a timeframe really,” Wilson said.

“The referee waved me on and I dropped back onto the pitch. It wasn’t until the ball went over my head and I tried to change direction and my knee gave way underneath me and I thought ‘ok something serious has happened’, and I just wanted to get off the pitch,” Wilson said.

“You do have an inkling whether it’s a bad one or whether it’s a little niggle, and I think this one is just middle of the road.”

Newcastle is fighting to avoid relegation, so losing your star player for a few weeks isn’t ideal.

The January transfer market is still open, but Newcastle may have trouble finding a club prepared to sell their striker in the middle of the campaign.

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