Shortly after Ben Chilwell and Mason mount came in contact with fellow chelsea star Billy Gilmour, they were forced off from featuring for the three lions pending when they would be diagnosed negative to the virus.

Mason mount and Ben Chilwell after the England game where the Three Lions won vai a solo goal by Raheem sterling praised the entire England teams most especially their position rival’s.

Chilwell on his Twitter wrote this to his teammates; “It’s tough to take and I’m absolutely gutted but i wish the boys all the best tonight in the game, I’ll be cheering you all off the pitch. I will make sure i am fully ready for action when i can rejoin the squad. Lets go England”.

Chilwell Sends Motivational Message to His position Rival and England after being forced out for Covid-19
Chilwell Sends Motivational Message to His position Rival and England after being forced out for Covid-19

While Mason mount wrote this on his Twitter; “I’m certainly eviscerated to have to eluded tonight’s game. I’ll be cheering the boys as usual even though not on the pitch and ensuring that I’m ready to go again when called upon. Come on England!”.

While both players where certainly not happy being left out, they tried their best to cheer their teammates to success, also this action by uefa would certainly be detremental to their international career as Gareth Southgate would have enough time to analyze his options and find his best starting XI as he is currently in a delima on who to start as he is currently spoilt with choice.

Peter cech wasn’t the most happiest of person seeing talents like Mason mount and Ben Chilwell left out of the england team for covid-19 reasons as he felt the matter was treated unfairly.

He believed the entire Scotland team that were in contact with Billy Gilmour were tested negative and they shared same dressing room with the player who was claimed to be affected.

Opinions on Twitter;

@GavH_ Steve Clarke must be immune from covid along with the rest of Scottish squad who shared dressing room, coach and hotels with billy!! Absolute joke 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿.

@Lian80176484 The whole scottish squad was tested and results were negative. They followed UEFA rules for covid and were allowed to carry on. England followed what NHS England said not the UEFA covid rules. Its as simple as that.

@TracyDawn17 I’m actually baffled by this. The whole Scotland squad is OK to play. They’ve spent more time will Billy then the 3 mins or so than Chilwell and @masonmount_10 did. I Truly don’t get it. 😕