Fact Checking
All SportsEvolve writers must verify the content they provide, including but not limited to pictures, texts, URLs and titles. The information provided must be correct, backed up with sources that can be verified.

All SportsEvolve writers are guided by the ethics policy while disseminating information through the articles.

Ethics Policy

  • Plagiarism
    SportsEvolve has zero tolerance towards plagiarism. All the stories found to contain plagiarized content will be deleted and expulsion of the guilty writer.
  • Editorial Review
    All the articles written by SportsEvolve writers are thoroughly reviewed by an editorial team before they are published. The editorial team checks the language used, factual accuracy, news sources and external embeds.
  • Accuracy
    SportsEvolve writers must confirm that content is well-sourced and checked. They must get facts right before submitting articles for publication. Accuracy is an integral part of our editorial policy and SportsEvolve editors will only publish that which they believe to be factual, fair and devoid of any false information.
  • Verified News sources.
    It is important to acknowledge your sources of information to achieve credibility. However, news sources must be selected carefully. Only verified news sources will be treated as credible and information from unverified sources shall be regarded as untrue hence will not be published.
  • Equality
    Balanced coverage is a basic principle for SportsEvolve writers. Bias content driven by personal interest will not be published. Writers should ensure equality to all subjects of their story. Articles actuated by malice are highly discouraged and will not be published.
  • Language and Visuals
    Articles should be written in eloquent English to inform and entertain. Visual content should be of high definition to uphold high aesthetic value. Writers should submit only enhanced pictures to accompany their stories. Articles with too much grammatical mistakes will not see the light of the day.