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Did Morelos “snub” Rangers TV?

Alfredo Morelos and 2 other Rangers stars could have played last games at Ibrox
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After being stuck at 99 for a while, Colombian striker Alfredo Morelos proved Gerrard’s words last week words right and got that needed goal to reach a triple figure for Rangers.

In yesterday’s clash between his side and seventh placed St Mirren away from home, the 25-year old netted a header in the 43rd minute, his 100th goal for Rangers.

After a drought of goals from him for a while, and the fact that he just made another milestone in the club, many expected Morelos to be interviewed by Rangers TV, and that he (Morelos) would be thrilled to do it.

But according to Neil McCann, the striker walked away and didn’t give the interview. Morelos supposedly walked right past the Rangers’ TV crew when they wanted to interview him. “Just strolled right past them as if he is not interested,” McCann stated.

He (Neil) went ahead to insinuate that Morelos’ attitude was poor, and this wasn’t the first time. “I just think it is really poor. Sometimes his attitude puzzles me.” He lamented.

Watching Morelos’ excitement after his goal, not just McCann expected him to be welcoming of an interview and share his thoughts with everyone, so there should be a valid reason why he supposedly left the club’s TV crew hanging.

If there isn’t, then it is right to think that his attitude is really poor and disrespectful, unbecoming of someone in his position. But it all remains to be seen as the Colombian hasn’t issued a statement yet.


Written by Brigit Adongo

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