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Everton target to renew his efforts to leave Man Utd in January

Everton target to renew his efforts to leave Man Utd in January
Written by Brigit Adongo

Pay is probably the most important factor for most career people, followed by the number of hours they work, and everything else comes second.But in a career like football, things could be different. Salary aside, your future highly depends on what you do, or are allowed to do today.

For Dutch 24-year-old midfielder Van de Beek, things are at a rocky point in his career as he currently neither gets enough playing time at Manchester United nor is allowed to leave.

The former Ajax star, whose career seemed on an unstoppable rise before Old Trafford, finds himself on the bench in most games, and rarely gets an opportunity to make an appearance, even as a substitute.

Things looked promising when he was set to join Everton on loan this summer, and he was excited about the opportunity to showcase his talent, but his hopes were dashed when his current club and coach, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, refused.

“We took the initiative to find a club and our search ended up at Everton…On Monday night, before deadline day, we received a call from Solskjaer and the club, who told us that a transfer was out of the question, “de Beek’s agent revealed.

As Ole Gunnar continues to consider other players for substitution and appears to be sidelining the Dutchman, Donny could try his luck at the transfer market again in January, and Everton are more than willing to try out a deal… again.

Donny is currently a frustrated man, but his tidy passes and perfect ball possession, which differ from Everton midfielders like Allan’s, could earn him a consideration when the Toffees go into their pockets during the next transfer window.

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