Andy Murray has headlined tennis news for quite some years, both as a top, struggling and comeback player. Now 34, the Brit is keen to get back to his glory days after a couple of surgeries and Covid-19 infection, but his sail hasn’t been smooth.

After losing to Koepfer in the first round of the Paris Open, the former World No. 1 will make his debut at the Stockholm Open in his final competition of the season.

Murray has had a rather successful year for someone playing with a metal hip, but for one who was at the top of tennis at a time, his performance is not enough and the 2012 US Open knows it.

Though most, if not all of Murray’s defeats came against better placed players, it is clear that he is not at his best and former tennis player, Greg Rusedski had something to say about it. “I think 2022 we will know…Is he going to continue on tour or is it going to be his last year?” said Greg.

The former British number one stated that Andy’s defeat to Dominik was a disappointment, seeing how much people had been waiting for him (Murray) to come back, and how much he had improved this year.

“…this project has been going on for four years and the signs were looking good…but his defeat to Dominik was a little bit disappointing,” Rusedski admitted.

According to Rusedski, the three-time grand slam champion should do better against top seeds if he wants to be better placed, and not just concentrate on no longer losing the second or third sets. He commended the 34-year-old for his efforts and improvement, though.

After a year of mixed results, Rusedski thinks Murray should choose his events well, relax and decide on what to do, because he isn’t getting any younger. “…he can make a decision on what he wants to do because at 34 years of age, it doesn’t get easier, trust me.”