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Hamilton is cautious despite team basking in comfort

‘Hamilton’s strategy was between a rock and a hard place’
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Another exhilarating F1 meet is almost here, and some are on tenterhooks while others are in sheer joy and celebration. Like all the others in recent times, this weekend’s Grand Prix has racing lovers waiting to have a great, competitive, or even dramatic show.

All will go down in Turkey this weekend as Lewis Hamilton seeks to extend his lead, while Max Verstappen wants the lead snatched from him almost two weeks ago back. After a win in Russia, Hamilton’s side, Mercedes, couldn’t be happier, but the same can’t be said for Red Bull, or Lewis.

Ahead of the meeting this weekend, Red Bull are desperate to reclaim their lead and head on to snatch the season’s title from Mercedes’ hands…Hamilton, on the other hand, isn’t in as good a place as he was last season when winning the Turkish meet won him the year’s title and a record.

So, most eyes will be on Hamilton and Verstappen as the world waits to see just what the two can do under such pressure and nerves, and who between the two can hold on for a win.

The defending champion’s chances will further be minimized if he changes engine, for he will start last, but experience and his adaptability to rainy tracks could just come in handy for him to extend his lead at the top.

Mercedes’ boosted mood after Hamilton’s Russian win could be cut short if Red Bull’s determination to bid outgoing engine providers, Honda, a befitting goodbye pushes them to get a win.

And that isn’t their only motivation. Max is more determined than ever to avenge his poor performance in Turkey last year, which cost him a possible championship.Had he not performed poorly there in 2020, Verstappen could have had a shot at gold with Hamilton’s absentia due to Covid in the last few races.

Like Mercedes boss said, “…anything can happen 9in F1 and fortunes can change in the blink of an eye,” so this weekend’s race will come down to luck and timely grabbing at opportunities. It’s a wait and see. 


Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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