Lewis Hamilton has had a tough time this year, and there are probably more doubts than the belief that the Briton will carry the championship home or not. The reigning world champion isn’t stuck in this season, however, as he has his sights clearly set on 2022. 

With teammate, Valtteri Botas’ confirmed departure from Mercedes at the end of this season, Hamilton will fight it out with youngster, George Russell at Mercedes in 2022, and the 36-year old is not ready to lose out.

The Britons, 13 years apart, will have an exciting season next year as they are both not strangers to winning. The older Hamilton has won seven world championships, a joint-record, and holds the record for most wins with 100. Russell, on the other hand, won the 2017 GP3 Series and the 2018 FIA Formula 2.

With the youngster having recently had an impressive run at Williams, many believe he will outperform his senior when they team up for the same team the following year. Though not at his best, Hamilton vows to do better and fend off his 23-year-old fellow countryman.

But the current championship second place knows that Russell will be a tough opponent to go against because, as a youngster, he will be hungry for wins and will do everything to get them.

“That’s what I expect. He will get amazing support from our engineers…and we will try to work as team-mates,” Hamilton stated about supporting the new team-mate, and the fierce competition he expects.

Finishing off, the older Briton said he is okay with performing worse than his younger counterpart as long as the performance helps the team out, but will work harder to see that it does not happen.

“…there will be times where he is at the front and I’m okay with that. “…I’ll just work harder to ensure that it doesn’t happen,” he vowed. All the best to the pair as they represent Mercedes next season.