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Hamilton surprised by Mercedes’ recent performance

Hamilton determined to win or lose fairly
Written by Brigit Adongo

Reigning Formula One Champion Lewis Hamilton is impressed after his team, Mercedes, got two consecutive wins in the championship for the first time in almost five months.

The seven-time champion’s team has been facing stiff competition from rivals, the Red Bulls, and haven’t had back-to-back wins in a while. Though only one of the two wins came from him, Hamilton still sounded happy that it went to the team.

Two weeks after he won in Russia, his Mercedes teammate, Bottas, won in Turkey, and even though Lewis finished fifth, he admits that they have somehow gotten faster, something that surprised him because they “haven’t done anything” to their cars.

“We haven’t done anything to the cars, so I don’t really know why that is the case,” Hamilton disclosed when questioned about their recent speed. Further, he stated that their cars feel good, and lauded  Bottas for winning the Turkish grand prix.

Going forward, the record 100-time F1 winner believes that if they (Mercedes) maintain their speed and Bottas keeps up his latest performance, it will be good for the team. “If he (Bottas) can continue to perform like that…and if the car continues to behave as it has this weekend, that is good for us,” he said.

The first and only ever black F1 driver is six points short in his quest to defend his 2020 championship, and if his team’s recent speed can be maintained, without any unforeseen circumstances, he could catch up with rival Verstappen in the near future.

Given how hopeful he is about the situation and the belief he has in his teammate to help out, perhaps we will see him break another record and become an eight-time world champion at the end of this season.

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