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Hamilton thinks rating who is best will be easy if he and Max drove the same car

Lewis Hamilton worry as Mercedes admit concerns ahead of “challenging” Imola weekend
Written by Brigit Adongo

Whether it will be a record eighth title for Hamilton, or a brilliant second for Verstappen, is still unclear, and so is the answer to who is the best driver between the two.

After an exciting and perhaps controversial 2021 season, F1 will usher in an anticipated 2022 as the two leading drivers and current biggest rivals take to their wheels for another title race.

After a brilliant 14-year F1 career and four consecutive titles (2017–2020), one would go for Hamilton, but some think he has the advantage of a better car.

The comparison goes way back, and in 2019, Lewis thought of the simplest solution to this argument: having Verstappen drive the same car. “I see stories that we have different cars and that’s the only way I beat him, so that would give me the opportunity to show that is not the case.”

Mercedes have dominated F1 for close to ten years, with Red Bull seeming content as runners-up most of that time, but last year saw a different outcome as the latter made it clear they were out to end their rival’s dominance.

The 36-year old’s suggestion is unlikely to take root though, as Verstappen is contracted to RedBull for at least another two seasons, while Mercedes has already signed a new teammate for the 7-time champion.

That leaves the field open for all to see and judge. Hopefully, they (Hamilton and Verstappen) make the next few seasons where they’ll compete as exciting as they have been, from which everyone will judge who to crown king.

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