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Hopeful Wolff’s advice to Hamilton after a “difficult” Imola

Hopeful Wolff's advice to Hamilton after a "difficult" Imola
Written by Brigit Adongo

Hamilton’s 13th place finish in the last F1 race in Imola blurred his and team Mercedes’ hopes to come out on top this season, and many probably want to know what team Mercedes thinks or the plans they have for better results in the upcoming races.

Though not entirely, team Mercedes’ experts at the pits caused Lewis’s dismal results in Imola, and team principal Wolff admits that. Concerning the problems his side has been having since the season commenced, Wolff thinks they might do more good than bad for his drivers.

“….the saying ‘smooth seas do not make good sailors comes to mind,” said Toto, who clearly believes that the German Machine’s almost catastrophic first four races will challenge Hamilton, Russell, and the entire Mercedes family to dig deep past their comfort zone if they want to get back on top.

According to Toto, his team has been working towards improving their performance at the next race in Miami. He lauded Russell for his impressive 4th place finish in the last meeting and is certain Hamilton can do way better if he is given “the tools…to show his true pace.”

By his statements, Toto and Mercedes are highly anticipating and excited for Miami, where they hope to put into practice what they have learnt in the past week from their Imola mistakes.

“Miami is… exciting….we can’t wait to see how it all plays out,” went his statement.

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