Inborn vs acquired: Max’s advantage over Lewis according to Damon Hill

Inborn vs acquired: Max’s advantage over Lewis according to Damon Hill
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Lewis Hamilton has had an excellent, almost perfect career in F1, his fifteen years in the sport accumulating enough wins, points, and views to rank him among the best drivers ever in the history of F1.

Coming back this season after a controversial title loss last December, the 37-year old Briton hopes to reclaim the championship from the reigning champion, Verstappen, and prove who the better driver is.

While some would bid for the 7-time champion, others, like the 1996 champion, Damon Hill, have a contrasting opinion. The 61-year old former racing driver thinks Verstappen has something Lewis never had, and never will: a former F1 driver for a father and manager.

At the age where Hamilton’s father was still struggling to fund his young racing career, Max had already joined the sport for years, through Jos’ help. The Dutchman ended up becoming the youngest ever driver to join F1.

According to Hill, Hamilton’s taught talent can never hold a candle to Max’s inborn one. Damon believes that Jos’ experience on the track has given his son an ace over Lewis. “It’s very easy to believe the fantasy…But…you need someone…who’s been there to know the hard truths,” he stated.

Not just that. Apparently, Verstappen’s father was ruthless and acknowledged nothing but his son’s best, hence pushing the reigning champion to his current form. Hill told Sky Sports that Jos wouldn’t accept anything other than Max’s best.

The Red Bull lead driver’s approach, which was honed by his father’s experience in coaching and strictness, is probably the reason why he can easily go past Lewis, and he still has an age advantage.


Written by Brigit Adongo

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