Injured Tom Davies enthusiastic about working with Lampard

Injured Tom Davies enthusiastic about working with Lampard
Written by Brigit Adongo

In rehab following a hamstring injury, London-born Everton midfielder Tom Davies admits his time out has helped him view football more clearly and learn from the stands.

The Everton Academy graduate has lined-up only seven times for his side this season and is expected to be out until it ends. 

Despite that, the 23-year old revealed that the new coach, Frank Lampard hasn’t sidelined him but has instead reached out and eased his worries.

Davies’ contact with the Toffees ends next year, and his recent injuries might be cause for concern as far as an extension is concerned, but he looks forward to working with Lampard, whom he idolizes.

“…I loved watching him…I want to learn as much as I can from him,” said the former England U-21.

Speaking to SoccerBibble, Tom Davies assured that having learnt of his side’s strengths and weaknesses as a bystander during this time, he will be more impactful in bringing a change where needed once he is fit.

“You can see what things are going well…when you are back, you’d like to try and improve.” He stated.

Lauding Lampard for his humility, Tom admitted that the former Chelsea boss’s belief in him made him reassess his love for football and anticipate future games. “…I’ve really fallen back in love with it and I can’t wait to get going again, “Davies beamed.”

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