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Injuries in PES 2021?

Written by Kerry Mayodi

I have been playing Konami’s PES Mobile for quite some time now, since 2019 actually and for the first time, I have encountered player injuries.

While to some this might be news even now, I did some research and found out that injuries have been in PES since 2019, but they just have not been occurring frequently.

And while earlier on players could be injured during a match and not miss the next fixture, currently it may take a couple of fixtures before a player can be returned to the first team or bench

Since I got my first player injured, my squad has now been subject to frequent injuries, probably because I am too lazy to make substitutions and the auto-subs take players off quite late in the game. So yeah, fatigue could be one of the reasons why, but also untidy tackles.

So maybe it would be better if you rest your key players once in a while or just get used to checking out their stamina during the match and subbing them, especially if you are just starting out and you do not have many options to choose from.

I would say injuries could be a plus to Konami, well, they are not a good thing, but it shows the company’s effort to try and make the game realistic.

Though not yet there, I think many mobile gamers will agree that Konami have the best mobile football game by far as compared to FIFA.

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