Graeme Bailey identified Jordan Pickford as a potential target for Spurs while he was discussing the transfer negotiations between Tottenham and Everton on the Talking Transfers Podcast.

This summer, Everton and Tottenham have already conducted some business. Richarlison has already joined the club in north London, and more could follow.

Anthony Gordon is supposedly a target for Spurs, while Everton are also interested in both Steven Bergwijn and Harry Winks.

The negotiations between these two teams, however, could not be over just yet. According to Bailey, Antonio Conte’s team may try to sign Jordan Pickford next summer after asking about the situation with the goalkeeper.

“One more name that I forgot to drop in there, Tottenham didn’t enquire about him, but they wanted to know the position of him, wanted to know where he was at, Jordan Pickford who long-term is a player they like the look of. Lloris will have one year left, so that’s one we should keep an eye on, Tottenham and Pickford. The fire sale at Goodison may not be over,” Bailey said.

Hugo Lloris won’t be around permanently, and Jordan Pickford might be the ideal replacement.

The goalie has established himself in the Premier League for several seasons now, has great distribution, and is a guy who really shines on the biggest stages—after all, he’s been one of England’s best performers for a long time.

Tottenham don’t really have to add a goalkeeper this summer, but since Lloris is towards the end of his career, it would be a good idea for them to keep an eye on Pickford’s status in case they decide to make a move.