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Kerr Mclnroy’s stay at Celtic could end soon

Kerr Mclnroy’s stay at Celtic could end soon
Written by Brigit Adongo

After debuting to a 2-1 victory over Clyde, Airdrieonians’ latest loanee admits he might exit Celtic FC as his stay there seems unpromising.

Though he has stayed at Celtic for most of his young career, Mclnroy hasn’t had enough chances to prove himself as his CV is now recording one loan deal after another, having been on loan at Dunfermline last season.

The 21-year-old Scottish midfielder wants badly to prove himself, even if that means he will forego an option to stay at Celtic until 2023. He still has until January to convince his current side’s coach to stay, or await his Celtic contract’s end next summer and hopefully get signed elsewhere.

Kerr admits that he isn’t having the best of times, and just wants more chances to showcase his talent. “It’s a difficult one for myself… I want to play as many games as I can and show people what I can do, “he admitted. As any other footballer would, he longs to have some goals to his name. “I want to grab a few goals.”

Mclnroy probably hasn’t played enough games to make a statement, as he states that for now, just getting enough games might help sort some things out. As for wherever it will be, it doesn’t matter that much to him. “…wherever that may be,” he disclosed.

Things appear to be improving for him, as he has been involved with current coach Murray, which is a big motivator. The fact that Airdrie made a deal with Celtic, Kerr says, means that they wanted him and it made a big difference.

After a quick move, and being included in the first game thereafter, the youngster reveals that unlike last season when he was trying (maybe too hard) to impress Celtic, this time, he is doing it for himself.

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