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Klopp infuriated, storms off for being thought an idiot

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The UEFA Champions League group B game between Liverpool and Atletico Madrid was nothing short of dramatic. The game saw Antoine Griezmann cancel Liverpool’s two-goal lead with a brace in the first half before the Frenchman received a red card and Salah sealed Liverpool’s victory in the second half.

Losing three points to stand five behind the English side in the group standings could have been too much for the Spanish side’s coach, though. Diego Simeone ignored Klopp’s outstretched hand for the routine post-match handshake and hurried away.

But the drama wasn’t over yet, as Klopp gave his fair share when he rubbed shoulders with a reporter after Simeone’s incident, for allegedly being thought an idiot. 

Despite Klopp’s assurance that all was well between him and Diego, and that the two would be harmonious when they meet at Anfield in two weeks, the reporter seemingly tried to fuel matters, which angered the Reds’ manager. 

After he had clearly stated that he was fine in the post-match interview, this next reporter’s sentiments didn’t sit well with Jurgen.

“I wanted to shake his hand but he didn’t want to…But we are both emotional so when we see each other next time we will shake hands and it is like nothing happened.” Jurgen had told a post-match interviewer.

In his subsequent interview, the Spanish reporter insinuated that Klopp was angry. The media person went as far as regarding Klopp’s statement that he wasn’t angered by Simeone’s behavior but the reporter’s insinuations as a joke. 

“You said I am angry, when was I angry? Now, I am angry because of your question, come one,” Klopp warned exasperatedly. Seeing that his statement was regarded as a joke, the English manager was really angry and uninhibitedly stormed off.


Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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