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Lewis Hamilton might keep retirement rumours going longer

‘Hamilton’s strategy was between a rock and a hard place’
Written by Brigit Adongo

After three weekends, Lewis Hamilton has remained silent about his dramatic loss to Red Bull’s Verstappen, who is a first-time champion. There has been, is, and will be talking about the probability of Hamilton’s retirement after a failed record chase, but will he (Hamilton) give an answer? Perhaps not so soon.

The 36-year old is contracted to Mercedes until 2023, and before the controversial season finale in Abu Dhabi, many thought it guaranteed that he would be on the track in 2022.

Now, few (if any) know the Briton’s fate. All we know is that Lewis like he did last year, might keep silent about his future in F1 until next season’s premiere.

For someone who opens up about most of his life on and off the track often, the Mercedes driver’s silence, especially after losing a championship he almost pocketed, is worrying.

Mercedes’ team boss, Toto Wolff, seems as clueless as everyone else as far as the 2020 champion’s future at his team is concerned, and this fuels the driver’s retirement rumours, even more, seeing as the Englishman’s move to another team is unlikely.

From anticipating a tough competition between Hamilton and Verstappen next year, fans are now speculating whether that on-track rivalry will even happen. Then again, Lewis can easily keep mum and come out charged up for a new season in the last few weeks before the next season starts, so all isn’t set yet.

As it seems, the first and only ever black F1 driver will keep the whole world guessing and his opponents unprepared for much longer, so the rumours might not die anytime soon.

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