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Lewis Hamilton’s love for fashion is more about mind relaxation

Hamilton and Mercedes give outgoing Bottas an exciting 'little' parting gift
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There’s no doubt Lewis Hamilton loves and appreciates fashion as much as he does racing, because his outlook is always on point, from head to toe. From attending events infamous fashion weeks like the Paris one to hosting tables at others, Hamilton depicts the perfect “fashion man.”

But does he do it just to look good? Not entirely. The record-breaking 100-time grand Prix winner uses his love for fashion as an opportunity to ‘escape’ from the racing world, be real and prepare both his body and mind for future races.

“I love being able to separate from the sport…To be able to have something else, another outlet…helps take the weight off,” Hamilton disclosed, admitting that the season is intense and difficult.

Going further, the seven-time world champion in Formula One says he doesn’t think about Formula One all day, and fashion enables him to come back from other engagements to the track “feeling fresh”.

To meet the media in Istanbul ahead of this weekend’s race, the 36-year old donned a blue and black outfit that totally feasted people’s eyes, terming his outfit “gender-neutral” as it meant anyone could wear what they wanted, not what is expected of their gender.

Hamilton is known to appreciate social justice, diversity, and freedom, and he states that fashion helps him meet different people. “…you are surrounded by people from all different walks of life…I love that environment where I am able to express myself, and I feel free to be able to do so, “he said, referring to the freedom fashion gives him.

If it really relaxes his mind and refreshes him as he says, the only ever black F1 racer might need fashion all this season, especially the upcoming Turkish Grand Prix, as he faces an opponent who has beaten him seven times this season in Max Verstappen. 

Even as the most successful driver of all time in F1, Lewis needs to be fresh and fit to defend his title and become a record-breaking 8-time F1 world champion.


Written by Brigit Adongo

Sports Enthusiast

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