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Mercedes’ risky strategy for Hamilton’s dominance this weekend could involve Valtteri Bottas

Mercedes' risky strategy for Hamilton's dominance this weekend could involve Valtteri Bottas
Written by Brigit Adongo

Risk is dangerous, but when it pays off, you reap big… That’s exactly what Mercedes could do this weekend to try and secure Lewis Hamilton a win that would extend his lead at the top of this season’s standings.

After a ‘lucky’ win in Russia in the last Formula 1 meeting, it seems Hamilton’s next race is more of a team strategy as his side (Mercedes) could apparently do an engine replacement on his car.

Valtteri Bottas might once more come in handy for Lewis, as Mercedes aims to have the former hold off Max Verstappen and other racers before Hamilton catches up.

Why? Hamilton’s performance in qualification won’t be considered in the actual race if his engine is replaced, as he will start at the back of the pack.

With red-hot Verstappen bent on getting a win to reclaim his lead at the top this season, the Belgian-Dutch will most definitely bring his best foot forward for a win, and it might be easier if Mercedes make a move as risky as an engine replacement.

To ensure Max doesn’t maximize the advantage of Lewis starting last (if that is the case), Bottas must slow down other drivers to allow his teammate to make ground towards the front.

If he can’t do it, like it has happened occasionally, Mercedes’ gamble would have failed. But if it works and Hamilton drives fast enough to get a better position before the final few laps, his new engine could be enough to give him his 101st victory.

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The Turkish Grand Prix is only days away, so it’s left to see what Mercedes will do and how their drivers keep up in a race that could partly decide this season’s F1 winner.

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