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Murray reveals there was a time he didn’t want to play tennis anymore

Murray reveals there was a time he didn’t want to play tennis anymore
Written by Brigit Adongo

Scottish tennis star Andy Murray has been through a handful the last few years, but is back to competing and though he hasn’t been as remarkable as the world was used to seeing him, the 34-year old is doing great for someone competing with a metal hip.

But little is known of what he did or how he felt during the times when he could not compete, or even exercise. The current World No. 144 revealed that he was torn mentally and physically, because he couldn’t do the things he loved, like tennis and playing with family.

Asked whether he ever considered calling it quits, his answer was “Absolutely. A number of times… I did not want to play tennis anymore because I was in pain all the time.” The former world No. 1 admitted that he had no motivation left when rehab failed to right his broken hip, thus the thoughts of quitting tennis.

But being the fighter he is, and with the love he has for the game, tennis was among the first things Murray wanted to try out after a successful surgery. “When I had surgery and the pain disappeared, I wanted to try playing tennis and see how it would go,” the Scott stated.

Rating himself on a 5-6 scale out of ten as far as his shape is concerned, Murray admits he doesn’t think he can go back to being No.1, but that isn’t his main focus. “To become number one in the world, no…I’m more focused on succeeding in some of the biggest competitions,” he said when asked whether he thinks he can reach the top of the world again.

Despite that, the three-time grand slam champion dreams of a tournament win in his Stockholm Open debut. “Of course I would love to win the tournament…” he said. Murray will face Viktor Dursovic in the first round tomorrow.

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