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Murray won’t play in Davis Cup after losing to Zverev at Indian Wells

Murray won’t play in Davis Cup after losing to Zverev at Indian Wells
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Most people were on hot seats before and during Andy Murray’s match against Alexander Zverev. 

With how the former World No. 1 has been playing recently, probably the whole world was anticipating what he would do and whether he could defeat the current third-ranked after an impressive win against 30th seed Alcaraz Garfia nine days earlier. 

Although the 34-year old was knocked out, his performance showed improvement by leaps and bounds when compared to the last two years. The narrow margin by which he lost 6-4-7-6 (7-4) can attest to that.

This performance definitely has the world wanting to see more from Murray, but we might not see it as soon as we want because he has plans not to play at next month’s Davis Cup.

Murray has been participating as a wild card in most championships this season, and no matter how good his improvement is, the 3-time grand slam winner feels that he does not deserve inclusion in this year’s Davis Cup. “…but I am not sure if I deserve to play in that team,” Murray disclosed.

According to Murray, the Davis Cup has pushed him to his limits and he even overlooked his physical fitness, like in 2019 when he had a bruised Pelvis. “I’ve given a lot to the Davis Cup…sometimes to my own detriment physically….The same thing happened …2019…,” revealed Murray.

Despite leading Great Britain to their first Davis Cup win in 79 years in 2015, Murray feels there are other great British players who deserve that chance, plus he wants to rest up for future championships, and spend more time with his family.

“I’m going to have to rest and take a break….get to spend as much time with my family as I can…” he stated. Though he has other wild card offers, Murray will reportedly only play if he thinks his body is up to it.


Written by Brigit Adongo

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