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New Pochettino links add major intrigue to West Ham clash with Spurs

New Pochettino links add major intrigue to West Ham clash with Spurs
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Reports are suggesting that there is a new development in the West Ham versus Tottenham match this weekend, adding even more interest to what is already an important game for both teams.

Tottenham, like West Ham, are dealing with several injured players for the upcoming match.

The absence of several key players for Tottenham, as well as the absence of their manager Antonio Conte due to recovery from an operation, is a positive sign for West Ham’s chances of winning.

Both managers, David Moyes and Antonio Conte, have been under pressure to keep their jobs, and there are rumors that former Tottenham manager Mauricio Pochettino may replace one of them.

There were reports in January that West Ham had attempted to hire Pochettino, but he has also been linked with a return to Tottenham.

Recent reports are suggesting that Antonio Conte’s absence from the upcoming match is due to his impending departure from Tottenham and that Pochettino may be his replacement.

This development adds more intrigue to the match and removes Pochettino as a potential candidate for West Ham if they choose to replace Moyes in the future.

Overall, the speculation surrounding the upcoming match between West Ham and Tottenham adds a level of intrigue to an already important match.

Both teams have several injured players, and with the added news of Antonio Conte’s absence, the chances of a West Ham victory seem to be improving.

However, the potential of Mauricio Pochettino taking over at Tottenham in the near future adds an additional layer of complexity to the situation.

With Pochettino being linked to both West Ham and Tottenham, it remains to be seen where he will ultimately end up.

Additionally, the future of David Moyes at West Ham is uncertain, and it is possible that the club may choose to replace him even if they avoid relegation this season.

As the match between West Ham and Tottenham approaches, fans and pundits alike are eagerly anticipating what promises to be a thrilling encounter.

The outcome of the match could have a significant impact on both teams’ seasons and could ultimately determine the fate of the managers in charge.

Regardless of the result, however, the speculation surrounding the match has already generated significant interest and has further highlighted the drama and excitement that the Premier League is known for.

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